The Team

Meet the Tally Ho! A Place to Meet Team

Olivia Bellas, Archivist/ Researcher

Olivia has led on archival and primary research about the rich and exciting history of Tally Ho corner, to stimulate creative responses which were developed by the rest of the team. Olivia also led oral history skills workshops for local young people at artsdepot, sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience in this area and enthusing them about the personal stories of local residents. Learn more about Olivia’s work here.

Jacky Oliver, Visual Artist

Jacky was the perfect fit for our Gaumont visual art commission, bringing an exciting and diverse body of work and experience with local communities in similar reminiscence projects.

Jacky’s preparation for the piece included a workshop with the East Barnet Reminiscence group, during which she led them in mining their own memories of Finchley’s Gaumont Cinema. The final art-work is a sculptural piece echoing the shapes of the Gaumont building with etchings of handwritten memories of the East Barnet reminiscence group; as well as replicas of the original bas-relief panels the Gaumont British insignia. She has also led a series of open community workshops in response to the piece. Learn more about Jacky’s work here.

Sarah Mace-Dennis, Film-maker

Sarah has worked with a group of young film-making enthusiasts at artsdepot to create a documentary capturing the story of Tally Ho! A Place to Meet. Her process has included hands-on skills-based workshops which have exposed the young people to the process of documentary making from conception to premiere. Learn more about Sarah’s work here.

Victoria Briggs, artsdepot Participation Manager/ Theatre Director

Victoria directed the community theatre ensemble piece, which was presented at artsdepot’s 10th birthday Fun Palace.  She led a series of community theatre and heritage workshops throughout the summer, engaging with people aged 13-89.  The workshops and rehearsals explored the source materials and research uncovered by Olivia as well as literature, poetry and art of the period.  The final performance imagined what life on Tally Ho Corner in the 1830s would have been like through site specific scenes performed around the building. Learn about opportunities to get involved at artsdepot here.

Jeanette Bain-Burnett, Project Manager

Jeanette has been responsible for recruiting and supporting the multi-disciplinary team to deliver Tally Ho! A Place to Meet and curating the heritage exhibition. She has also managed partnerships, planning, delivery and evaluation. Learn more about Jeanette’s work here.



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