I look around and imagine (post from filmmaker, Sarah Mace-Dennis)

I arrive at artsdepot excited to meet the young creatives who will collaborate on the development of a new film that tells the story of the Tally Ho: A Place To Meet local heritage project. As I enter the building, I look around and imagine the spaces that were once found at this location. Horses run through my mind toward the Tally Ho Coach Company that may or may not have actually existed; couples and families gather excitedly to see films at the popular Gaumont Cinema; and people wander curiously through the market searching for bargains or rare goods. Walking from the street up to the café, I move through the colourful creative space that is artsdepot today.

Natalka and Gianluca from the youth panel joined me to discuss and map out some possible approaches for creating the film. I am always fascinated to hear more about the things that people see in a good film, and it was great to hear these two young people talk about what makes a good documentary. Qualities that emerged as being important were films that carefully revealed multilayered facts about their subject or object of study and films that ensured that different and even opposing sides of a topic were covered.

We talked about the goal of the film, which will not only capture artsdepot as it is today, but will also tell the story of the organisation’s vibrant and diverse community. The approach I proposed for achieving this goal was to interview the artists and creative team who are developing work for the Tally Ho: A Place to Meet project. This means that we will create four short cinematic ‘vignettes’ each of which feature a different member of the creative team involved in the project. Each participant will talk about their contribution to the project, the different creative processes they have used, and finally, their work’s relationship to the different historical echoes that can be sensed at Tally Ho Corner.

Here’s a snap of Gianluca and I, capturing some footage at the Tally Ho pub just down the road from artsdepot.

photo 2

The session ended with discussions of cutaways, musical recordings and compositions, and different filmic approaches that we could explore to tell this story. Even in these early stages, I am very much looking forward to working with Gianluca, Natalka and the rest of the creative team involved in Tally Ho as the film continues to emerge.

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